Monday, April 20, 2009

Back in Singapore

I know I know. This is the longest I've gone without updating the blog but I'm sure you all appreciate what I had to go through the past couple of weeks.

I've started work. To be honest, it was actually a relief to be at work after 2 weeks of running around trying to look for apartments & schools then settling in etc. I have already been to Ikea more times than I'd like to admit. But that's all done & even broadband's been installed (hurrah for singaporean efficiency).

No food pictures cos I haven't broken in the kitchen yet - need to go shop for pots & pans this weekend.

Because everything happened so fast, it's all so unreal. I still can't believe I'm back in Singapore & already, my life in France seemed like such a long time ago.

I've also missed blogging & catching up with what's happening with my blogging friends. Don't worry guys, I'll come around soon enough.

Now that I'm more or less settled down, I'm looking forward to enjoying the city. I'm already planning what to do this weekend - there's the Christian Lacroix exhibit at the National Museum, checking off the shows at the upcoming Singapore Arts Festival & if the weather is nice (ie less sweltering hot than it has been the past few days), perhaps a walk around Botanical Gardens.

Any place else you'd recommend going ?


eunice said...

Good to see you back to blogging. Wow, you are so efficient and seem to have settled in. Try the Science Centre (air con and interesting). I feel like a tourist whenever I go back so do all the touristy stuff. Even took a Duck Tour once.

Sri said...

Wah!! I'm jealous!!! I can't wait to go back to least to visit first.

edith said...

Let me know if I can be of any help. Am I stone throw away?

Tsu Lin + + said...

Singapore ZOo & Night Safari? Haha. but you know I AM a tourist in S'pore so that's what I'd do.

SL said...

I can't believe you've moved back to Singapore. The first time heard I was off to Nice and Cannes for a short break and thought of contacting you as I've read your previous blog about Cannes - that was when I found out about this move back home.

I'm having slight withdrawal symptons now....thinking about the food......

BeLive said...

Welcome home ;)But sorry to say, the weather now is hot, hot, hot....

Yes, going to miss all your beautiful countryside photos...sigh just like I miss my Macungie house!

homeladychef said...

You should go to Henderson walk, somewhere near the mount Faber, if you like picturesque scenery :)

Katherine said...

you gotta hit Dempsey road and Rochester park... so many great restaurants you gotta try!!!

Jim See said...

My terrace? =) Planning a pot luck party on 2 May with some friends. Time to use that new kitchen of yours! Give me a call?

syrie said...

Great to see you back! A friend of mine lived there for several years so I will check with her on some food tips. Good luck with everything and looking forward to more food adventures from you.

Jongs said...

Hey! Hey! Hey! So ur back! So hot rite?!! hahaha... If not for the AWARE saga, I wouldn't hv found out. I was about to check if you knew abt watz happening wif AWARE and came into ur blog. Great! I'm doing a show as part of the Esplanade Studio presents. Itz called Poop. About death... can be heavy. :-( Hehehe. Run ends this Sunday nite, 3 May.

petite fleur said...

eunice - science centre sounds great. it's all about air con these days

sri - let me know when you do. i'd love to meet you & your girls

edith - i found an apartment where i last saw you

tsu lin - i've been meaning to do the night safari for the longest time. maybe next weekend. night time sounds good cos it has been blazing hot lately

sl - so did you go to cannes & nice ? I can still give you some tips on what to do

belive - i'll leave you a msg on the forum cos i'd love to meet up with you (before you move to shanghai)

homeladychef - henderson walk - never been there. will take a note of it

katherine - yes yes...on my list

jim - thank you for the invite. next time my place okay

syrie - it's good to be back.

jongs - we need to talk. i messaged you.

maryann koh said...

you are back?! what happened to france? did i miss your post on this? goodness, sorry!

Beau Lotus said...

OK, will just wait for updates, photos etc. Bonne installation!

SIG said...

Welcome back... both to the blog and Singapore, and it's the worst time ever... hot hot hot. But the rain is a great welcome every night. Is that a picture of your house now or in France? So nice the wall.

petite fleur said...

yup I'm back. I'll have to go over to your new studio soon

let me know when you're next in singapore, okay ?

that picture was taken in France. I miss our house