Sunday, August 29, 2010


The inaugural Youth Olympic Games that was held in Singapore just came to a close. I know the organising committee has gotten a lot of flack for the poor turnout at events, availability or rather unavailability of tickets, bad quality of food for volunteers etc. But overall we had a very good experience.

I had only myself to blame for booking tickets at the last minute so needless to say, by the time I checked all the popular events like gymnastics, badminton & swimming were sold out. My one suggestion is that they should have a way of letting you know which tickets were still available on a summary level instead of having to click into each sport & each date to find out if the event was sold out or not. Anyway I did manage to secure tickets for handball which I figured The Girl would find interesting as well.

Oh & each ticket for the Games came with a transit link card for 4 free rides on the MRT which I thought was quite cool.

Handball was one of 3 sports held at Suntec Convention Centre. Just before we entered the venue, we were given a little brochure explaining the rules of the game, which I thought was a very nice touch. I've never been to a sports event where they did that - they always kind of assume that you already know what you will be watching. I wonder if they do that for the Olympics as well.

What makes every sporting event interesting are the fans. There's nothing quite like sports to bring out the patriotic spirit in us. We didn't get to catch the Singapore team in action & when I asked The Girl which team she wanted to support, she said "Of course yellow, their clothes (I guess she meant jerseys) look nice" - you can't argue with that logic.

We caught 2 games - the first Angola 27 vs Brazil 30. It was an exciting game. Both teams were quite closely matched & the yellow team (Brazil) won. The second was between Australia & Kazakhstan with the latter being clearly a much stronger team. In case you are wondering, Denmark's the champion for Women's Handball.

I was quite impressed with the half time performances. They had MCs to get the crowd riled up, threw prizes into the stands & gave our students opportunities to perform.

Not exactly the Cheerios but they put up a very credible show

Maybe because it was Suntec, just outside the halls there were lots of activities

Art exhibition



Not bad for $10. Where else can you get all these entertainment at that price ?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Orchid Garden

We go to the Botanical Gardens so often & yet there are still parts of the place that we have not explored. Mostly because we have our favorite spot, our favorite trail & being the boring old folks that we are, we like our routine.

Once in a while, when I'm feeling particularly energetic, we'll do something out of the ordinary like check out the Orchid Garden. For my non Singaporean friends, our national flower is Vanda Miss Joaquim, an orchid selected for prominence in 1981.

I had a hard time editing the photos for this post cos they were all good. Apologies for the lack of captions but I didn't & couldn't take down the names of the flowers. Enjoy.

Vanda Miss Joaquim

Friday, August 20, 2010

What we did on National Day

Here's what we did on National Day

We went to the National Museum & got our faces painted

The Girl & her friend Sakura showing off what we had to wait over an hour for, which by the way were all gone 3 hours later at the pool

We coloured & drew

We made badges

We played old fashioned carnival games like shoot the ping pong balls

We threw rattan rings over milo tins

We fished
She wore a T-shirt that says Singapore rocks (courtesy of Aunty Brenda, thank you !)

We tried our luck at tikam tikam

National Museum rocks !

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tanjong Beach Club

Remember back in May when I talked about the mammoth beach club that would be opening up in Tanjong Beach in Sentosa. Well here it is.

I have a thing for queen / king size lounge beds. Remember to bring your own beach towels else you'd have to buy one of theirs for $25.

We are in love with their bar stools....

....their tiles

....& the retro feel of the place

Are we in Singapore ?

The other part of the beach which features a more wholesome activity - beach volleyball.