Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fish Head Bee Hoon

Somebody once asked me what would I like to have for my last meal, I replied at that time, Fish Head Bee Hoon. I might have a different answer now & I'm sure the answer will change each time I'm asked that question. Nonetheless, it gives you an idea how much I love fish head bee hoon.

My favorite place is Ka Soh on Amoy Street. We've been going there for years & it is ALWAYS on my check list of must-go-to-places-to-eat whenever I was back in Singapore. Boring as it may sound, we always order the same few dishes, every single time.

We don't order this but the ubiquitous deep fried pork lard is de riguer on every table. It's unhealthy but who cares.

Crab meat with tofu over a bed of chinese cabbage

Chilli Squid with Kang Kong
My photos of the Har Cheong Gai (shrimp paste chicken) didn't turn out too well but that dish is another given.

La piece de resistance
(which is a term that always amuses me cos it sounds so funny when you read it in English)
Fish Head Bee Hoon
my type of comfort food

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