Saturday, August 14, 2010

Exploring Tiong Bahru

A few months ago (yes I know this is rather delayed) I had to go to Tiong Bahru Plaza to pick up my glasses & decided to jalan jalan over to my favorite art deco housing estate in Singapore. Talk about nostalgia. Brings back memories of Sunday morning marketing with my parents. Chwee Kuey.

Do you remember these mail boxes ?

You know something is a classic when after many years, it still doesn't look dated. Just look at this block. Love the lines.

Not surprisingly the new Tiong Bahru market looks rather out of place amongst the older buildings.

Gorgeous buildings

Do you know of another estate that has coconut trees lining its walkway ?

Tiong Bahru has become home to several boutique hotels. Above is Hotel Nostalgia. There is also Link Hotel & last night, my friends & I were at the roof top bar of the Wangz Hotel. I'd recommend going there for drinks if you are in the neighbourhood.

The good old gathering place for bird lovers. Since it's Singapore, of course, it's updated with a new structure & numbered tags for the cages.

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