Monday, May 17, 2010


Singapore being an island, you would think that we would be at the beach more often. Most of the beaches on the mainland are nothing to shout about - East Coast ? Changi ? So I guess we are left with Sentosa.

I have fond memories of Sentosa. As a kid, getting to ride in the cable cars was reason enough to go there. Fort Siloso. Musical Fountain. School camping trips. Cycling around the island. Roller skating. Riding on the monorail. These days Sentosa is all about Resorts World, Capella Hotel, Zouk Out & Megazip.

I suppose if you don't mind the view of oil tankers & container ships in the horizon, the beach is really quite pretty. The sand is fine & the water clear enough, although a little too warm for my liking. I like a refreshing dip in the ocean not a warm bath.

On the weekend we were there, Tanjong Beach was fairly tranquil. There were families, friends playing beach volleyball & dog walkers. Tanjong Beach seem to be popular with dog owners.

But I doubt it will stay quiet for long. A Ku De Ta style bar/restaurant is slated to open next year. That should be interesting.

Since there was no beach shack & we only brought some snacks, we took the shuttle bus over to Palawan Beach. I had such a shock. Where did all these people come from ? The place was packed. You mean everybody had the same bright idea of going to the beach on a hot Sunday afternoon ?
We decided to escape the crowd & headed for Bora Bora Beach Bar which is owned by a friend. It is laid back & definitely less posey than Cafe del Mar.

As long as the beach bar serves a mean cocktail & spicy chicken wings - I'm good. Close your eyes & you might even imagine that you're on vacation. Now do you think that is reason enough to get a car in Singapore ?


Ivana said...

I thought that the beaches in Sentosa would be crowded as we always head to Palawan. Now I know that there's an alternative!

And spicy chicken wings?!? Hello!

petite fleur said...

Most of my friends go to Tanjong Beach. It's quieter only because there is nothing there - no food nor drinks, well until the mammoth beach club opens.