Sunday, May 16, 2010

Roti Prata

The following shots were taken using the Hipstamatic app on my iphone. Ms Maryann, the fabulous photographer from The Studio Loft must have single handedly pushed up sales of this app ever since she posted her pics on Facebook.

I finally tried it out this morning when we had breakfast.

The roti prata man at the Jalan Kayu Roti Prata Stall (which is of course not in Jalan Kayu).

What a great way to start the day.
My kind of breakfast

The Girl's favorite is the paper prata

That's my daughter for you. I could barely hold her back before she attacked her prata. She ate every last bit & dunked in curry too.

X, if you're reading this don't worry. Knowing how the French don't eat anything savory for breakfast, there are cheese & banana pratas too. Or you can order the plain ones with sugar.

My drink of choice at coffeeshops or mamak stalls is Kopi Halia - ginger coffee. Actually the taste of ginger is so strong, it doesn't make a difference if you order teh halia or kopi halia. I order kopi for my caffeine fix.

Then there are recent inventions called Milo Dinosaur & Milo Godzilla which seem to be popular with the kids. Milo Dinosaur is milo with extra powdered milo on top (without mixing) & Milo Godzilla is milo with a scoop of ice cream. If someone can enlighten me on how the names came about, much appreciated.

Good old kopi filtered in a sock


Beau Lotus said...

This is my kind of breakfast too.

edith said...

Let me guess, this one across your hse?

petite fleur said...

lotus - you're really a true blue singaporean

edith - ding ding ding right answer. did i mention that i love my hood ?

Ivana said...

Great photos!

Mmmmmm.... I've never had a paper prata before. The Girl has made me want to try one.

Did you know that we brought over a kopi (watering can?) thingy and a sock when we moved to Paris?

petite fleur said...

Ivana - Paper prata is super thin. Kids love it. Haha you brought the watering can + sock to Paris ? that's hard core. Love that you did that