Thursday, June 3, 2010

Beautiful People of India

The people we met on our trip was the other highlight.
They are what made our trip special.

We or rather The Girl met Nanani on the flight. She struck a conversation with her & before long, she was giving us restaurant & shopping tips in Goa. She even invited us to her house for a cup of tea right after we landed.

Straight from the airport before going to the hotel, we made a stop over at her place. An artsy abode. She made us a delicious blend of tea with herbs & gave us gifts of her hand made trinkets

Nanani & her husband on their wedding day
Aren't they a beautiful couple ?

They were our servers @ Seven Hotel in Bangalore.
Warm, friendly & totally get it. We were particular about our coffee but they were willing to do it over & over again until it was just right for us.

Alex, our driver in Goa

Ellora & Rajiv
lovely couple we met at Mum's Kitchen

Our favorite driver George
Not only did he take care of us, he mixes music with his friends & we were treated to an interesting selection of music on our ride & introduced us to the hilarious calypso, Big Bamboo

Chef Linda of the Spice Studio - a celebration of Goan cuisine. Her food was so delicious, we went back for a cooking class

the reason to head over to the pool

The pool attendants who had fun fooling around with The Girl

Nikita from the Kid's Club
All the ladies there were wonderful
The Girl enjoyed the clubhouse so much she kept asking to go there

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