Saturday, October 29, 2011

Moon cakes

I am so behind on my blog posts if I'm talking about mooncakes in October ! Oops

When it comes to moon cakes, I prefer them traditional. None of those fancy varieties that are everywhere. I get a headache just looking at them. If you are into those, where do you even start ?

This year I didn't buy ours from Tai Chong Kok but as you can see, their Chinatown branch was doing a roaring business.

I bought from Tai Tong & instead of my usual 2 egg yolks, decided to go for the extreme cholesterol experience of 4 egg yolks

Look at these babies

The first moon cake of the year/season is always the best.
Then diminishing return sets in.

There is one exception tho
Snow skin moon cake with champagne truffle
from Raffles Hotel

I can pop a few of these without feeling guilty

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jimsee said...

Champagne truffles mooncakes? Very nice! And Teochew yam mooncakes too! That's the Teochew in me =)