Thursday, November 3, 2011

Buddha Tooth Temple

I must have passed by the Buddha Tooth Temple in Chinatown dozens of times yet last month was the first time I ventured inside. I followed a group of tourists so we won't be the only ones gawking & there were lots to *gawk* at.

The entrance facing South Bridge Road is called the Mountain Gate. See the pair of the dragon ornament on the roof top of the gate, cast by a Japanese. I know this because these are all explained in their very well designed website - by way of which I realised that there is a museum that we missed. Note to revisit.

They provide shawls for cover up in case you are not appropriately dressed. No shorts, miniskirts or revealing tops.

Even though I'm not of any particular faith, I'm always in awe of religious & spiritual places. This was no exception. The interior is opulent, to say the least.

The temple was completed at a cost of $75mio. These zodiac protectors are available for sponsorship. The website gives an extensive list of items that you can choose to sponsor - from floor tiles to ceiling boards, prayer wheels to lanterns.

The hall is pretty amazing.
We spent a lot of time taking it all in.

Prayers were starting
& it was time for us to leave

If you ever find yourself with some time to kill near Chinatown,
you know where you can go

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Ivana said...

Hey we were there on the 5th! Well, we passed by, we were having lunch at a chinese place just a few doors down.