Sunday, March 28, 2010

How green can you go ?

Did you take part in Earth Hour yesterday ? Last night I was out at dinner with a friend. We dined by candle light & honestly, didn't bother us one bit that there was no light nor air con (the restaurant didn't have air con to begin with). We just continued chatting & chomping down our food.

Anyway it seems befitting to talk about our recent stay at an eco resort in Thailand. My question is would you stay at a place that.......

takes you 2.5 hours by plane, 3 hours by car & 1 hour by boat to get to

where there is no electricity during the day

the current comes on from 6-11pm
so the fan only works during that time
after that, you have to depend on the breeze or wind
(or lack of)

with outdoor facilities which means

no hot water
maybe a little warm as the pipes get heated up during the day

constant stream of uninvited guests like frogs, lizards, monkeys

with thankfully modern toilets

with no minibar so the drinks are kept cold by a block of ice in an icebox
(the big barrel of water lasted us one week)

walking more than 1 km 6 times a day everyday
to the club house for breakfast, lunch & dinner

We survived our first eco resort. Admittedly it took some getting used to. Yikes no hot water but by the end of the trip, I appreciated the ice cold showers & would take one every opportunity I can. In that heat, it was much needed relief.

We learned to do things differently. Everything was done at a leisurely pace, there was no need to rush around. We woke up early to beat the heat. Breakfast at the clubhouse then it was off to the beach. Lunch. Afternoons were spent indoors - reading, taking naps, playing games. We ventured outdoors again only in the evenings. Slept early so that we could take advantage of the fan before it goes off at 11.

It wasn't exactly back to nature, rough it out type of vacation we had. For the most parts, it was very comfortable. Honestly, we didn't miss much of what we considered as basic amenities like hot water & minibar. The toughest part was not having air con. Even though we were by the sea, unfortunately there wasn't much of a breeze to speak of. Try sleeping at nights drenched in sweat. I would be quite happy with the fan but you can't feel it sleeping under a mosquito net.

The resort is made up of different villas - all uniquely designed. Ours was tastefully done up with Thai antiques & was told owned by a British soap opera actor, whose name I couldn't remember.

This was not Club Med so we had to provide our own entertainment. More on that the next post. I enjoyed a lot of quiet time in the afternoons when everybody was taking their naps & as a result, finished several books on that trip.

This was our favorite house
It's small - probably only for a couple
but love the adjoining terrace

So back to my original question, could you spend your vacation in a place like this ?


Anonymous said...

Did it..... probably wouldnt do it again (at least not with little children or until my mid 60ies when uninterested in exiting sports or thrilling evening parties....) but was definatly an experience and am glad to have spent the time there with you guys and the Scrabble PRO!! Big hug!

Anonymous said...

It was a great holiday with a different style of living we are used too ,good think our friends was with us enjoy nice cocktail at the house and the bar.
Maybe next time we will go somewhere else and we will always remenber the great time we had in Ko phra Thong.

petite fleur said...

Anon1 - big hugs to you too. Where shall we go next ?

Anon2 - maybe you should start planning our next vacation.

Beau Lotus said...

Me yes, but not my eldest, I think. He's super into Club Med now, so that's where we'll try to head to whenever we can. It's adolescence...

petite fleur said...

Lotus : Which club med do you go ? As a family, we haven't been to one yet.

Beau Lotus said...

In Asia thus far we've only been to Club Med Bintan.

Good thing is the easy access from Singapore and the private beach they have there - nobody coming to ask you to buy anything.

And if you play golf, they have a few golf courses next door.

The person who loved it most was the Teenager (free-flow drinks at the bar)...