Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Adventures in Ko Phra Thong

I wouldn't have enjoyed our vacation in Ko Phra Thong as much if it had not been for our friends (yes the crazy ones who found this isolated resort). I know more than a handful of friends who would have stopped reading after "no hot shower" but I did receive several enthusiastic yeses.

I love the fact that we have the beach to ourselves. We even caught a couple suntanning in the nude (even though it is probably not allowed). You don't need to jostle for beach space. There are no loud groups (oops we were probably the loudest because of the kids).

There were gentle waves which was great fun for the kids. In fact we even had beaches on either side of the island too choose from - depending on the shade & the tide. Can you see my daughter growing up to be a surfer type ?

Entertainment isn't just for the kids. Our friends had a nice big terrace & we would gather there every evening for .....

Happy Hour

The adults played Scrabble &
the kids played Happy Family
(who needs TV ?)

We did venture off the island. One was a half day leisurely kayak trip to a nearby island to explore the bat caves & to check out yet another beach. I don't know why The Girl kept complaining she was tired when she wasn't the one rowing. No photos cos I didn't want my camera to get wet in case our kayak capsized.

The next which we really enjoyed was our trip to Surin Island. Some of the best snorkelling that I've done. The variety of the fishes & the corals are just amazing. Thankfully the tsunami didn't seem to have damaged too much of the sea life. As part of that trip, we also visited a Sea Gypsy village.

I think the ice cream truck just drove by cos all the kids seemed to be eating ice cream when we were there This was the jetty made up entirely of jelly cans (I believe that's what they are called). Our lunch stop.
Beautiful beautiful water....

This is Marion who was our guide &
also The Girl's snorkelling teacher

Practising in shallow waters

Earnestly spitting into her mask
Once, of course, is never enough

By our 3rd dive, she was already snorkelling away

I love sunsets
& always try to catch it when I'm on vacation

The staff at the resort was wonderful. Genuinely helpful & ever ready to play with the kids. The Girl found a new friend in Pinar & there were a few tears when we left.

What makes a great vacation - good food, good friends, good times.
Thank you Gaby, Loic, Joshua & Juna for being there with us.


Anonymous said...

Suntanning in the nude ...No i will never do that !!!

Only if you accept to do it , i will not have choice lol

When are we going back for a new trip together ?
Gaby any idee where to go this time ...xxx

edith said...

Where actually is this place. Sounds and looks good. We love such holiday.

petite fleur said...

edith - the resort is called Golden Buddha Beach Resort & it's north of Phuket & north of Kao Lak. Google it.

Beau Lotus said...

Mmm I love suntanning in the nude. I'm usually the first to go topless on the beach anyway.

Must get tips on this place from you. Looks like the kind of paradise we would like to visit the next time we go home (hopefully in 2011).

petite fleur said...

Lotus - You're so European. I forgot you like tanning au naturel. Let me know when you are planning a trip back & I'll send you the details.