Friday, April 2, 2010

Mighty Moghul Weekend Festival

Well I did say we were going & we did. The whole experience was a little different than the one we had at the Peranakan Museum. The ACM is much bigger & even though the weekend pulled in a big crowd, it didn't feel like we needed to jostle.

They set aside the huge River Room for the children's play area & where most of the action was.

No prizes for guessing what we did first.

Actually the henna stand was on the ACM Green so needless to say, we headed straight for it. There were free massages & eye brow threading but no, this was all she wanted to do (not that she would have cared for eye brow threading).

Fun fun fun. They also had a stand where you can *bejewel* your cellphone. Before I could even blink, they had put some bling bling on my phone.

Jewelery handicraft corner where you have a choice of making a necklace or bracelet.

Small fingers & good eyes needed - what maman does not have.

Voila, the end result. She was so happy doing this, the week after I went to the art shop to stock up on materials to make more beaded jewelery.

Then they had to color & decorate their paper daggers with sequins. She insisted on doing everything herself. It took so long, we missed the story telling session & had to bring back the paper Taj Mahal to do.

Of course we couldn't miss the main attraction which was to see " Treasury of the World - Jewel Arts of India". A collection that has been described as being the inspiration to Cartier.

Even for one who is not a jewelery person, I was totally in awe & captivated by all the pieces.

After the kathak dance performance, audience participation. I love how it's usually the kids that are the first to volunteer.

Did anyone else go ? Did you enjoy yourselves ? We sure did.


Ivana said...

Glad you had fun! Do you know I've never ever done a henna?

Katia said...

Mei, you simply HAVE to tell me what "eyebrow threading" entails! Never heard of it and I am mightily intrigued!

petite fleur said...

Ivana - Don't worry. Neither have I. I was tempted but didn't think it was very appropriate for work (it lasts for 7 days)

Katia - Good of you to drop by. How's the baby ? Eyebrow threading is just a way of removing unwanted hair with a thread. It's an Asian thing - my friends go to an Indian lady to get that done. I tell you what, when you come visit us, I promise we'll make a trip there.