Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Art is all Around

We finished our walking tour @ The Arts House because maman needed a drink. This part of Singapore always make me a little nostalgic. Fullerton Hotel, Asian Civilisations Museum, Victoria Theatre, Old Parliament House (aka The Arts House) - beautifully restored historical buildings. Okay so I'm revealing my age (it's no big secret anyway) but does anybody remember the old Immigration Building ? Why did I use to go there a lot ?

We had a good view of the statue of Sir Stamford Raffles & a good vantage point from which to watch all the tourists that wanted a photo op.

A good thing we were there early else we would never have been able to get a seat at Timbre, which by the way is a good place to check out local bands & musicians. Unfortunately we were too early for the set.

We were pleasantly surprised to find an interesting exhibition at The Arts House.

Art is all around
Showcase of art by 3 to 13

Creative use of recyclable materials

Kids are so competitive. She was looking at art works of kids around her age & kept saying she could have done better. Haha. Regardless of age, the art work was very impressive.

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