Wednesday, April 21, 2010


It's about time I blog about food.

I love noodles & being back in Singapore, I've been able to indulge in all my favorite noodle dishes. I just did a quick search of my blog & there were 28 entries with the word "noodles". Enough said. When I was in France & craved for ramen, I attempted to make my own. Not even close but then you know what they say, beggers can't be choosers.

This is hands down my favorite ramen place in Singapore. Since it's near my office, it's also one of my favorite lunch spots. Which might explain why I found myself like a homing pigeon, heading straight for this place when we were in the neighbourhood (we were hungry after our walk).

So being a quiet Saturday evening & armed with my camera, I was finally able to snap some pictures & share this with all of you.

The menu is straight forward. You choose from 3 soup bases - shoyu, shio or miso. Then you choose the toppings - butter/corn, char siew or vegetables. I've only ever had char siew but was told butter/corn is delicious. They also give you a choice of full size or half size. I love my ramen & even then, half size is enough for me.

Char siew ramen does not come with an egg so I usually order one. It's done perfectly with a soft yolk (unlike my own attempt which is sacrilegious). But you know what's the best part. The tender pieces of char siew that melts in your mouth. Over at Baikohken, they are extremely generous. I have never eaten a bowl of ramen where I finish the noodles first before the char siew. They usually give at least 5 thick pieces of meat. Not to mention, the soup is tasty & flavorful.

The restaurant is small & cosy so go early if you are planning a weekday lunch rendezvous. If not, expect to wait. There are tables upstairs but I much prefer to sit downstairs & watch the action in the kitchen.

My half size charsiew ramen costs $13.50 + $1 extra for the egg & you get an unlimited serving of tea. Now that's what I call a good deal.

7 North Canal Rd
(opposite OCBC Centre)


Yas said...


When are you coming to Japan next?
I shall take you & your family to RAMEN tour...

petite fleur said...

yas - hey thanks for dropping by the blog. soon i hope. i look forward to going on a ramen tour with you as my guide !!

Beau Lotus said...

OK, I want the miso or shoyu ramen with char siu :-)