Thursday, May 12, 2011

Singapore Biennale 2011

Going to the Singapore Biennale was a no brainer for many reasons, amongst them to check out the old Kallang Airport (I love the building), family day sundays (free entry & activities for the kids) & of course to check out the artists....

Gosia Wlodarczark - frost drawings on glass
One of my favorites

Elmgreen & Dragset Full size German barn
complete with Singaporean farm boys
installed in one of the old hangers

Michael Lin's "what a difference a day makes"
whereby he purchased the entire contents from a shop in Shanghai, shipped to Singapore & redisplaying all the items & the cartons used in the shipment

Thai artist Arin Rungjang "Unequal Exchange"
Creates a living space using Ikea furniture & then inviting Thai migrant workers to exchange one of their existing pieces of furniture with one of his

Another of our favorites
Rafael Lozano-Hammer "Frequency & Volume"
Based on the size of our shadows on the wall, a frequency is detected

A beautiful Sunday.
We finished the day by flying the kite she made

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