Thursday, May 12, 2011

Where we are most weekends

We go cycling almost every weekend. The Girl has her bike & earlier this year, I bought myself a foldable bike too (already looking to upgrade but that's another post). Both our bikes fit easily into the boot of a car, so only X has to rent his bike.

I discovered Lifestyle Bike & Skates that has pitstops along the PCN (Park Connector Networks that goes around the island). The parks are connected & you can rent a bike from one of their 6 stops & then return it at any of the other stops (no need to backtrack). Depending on the bike, they charge $6-$8 for two hours.

Bistro @ Changi Beach Park
For that much needed beer after our ride

If you start from Changi Beach Park & do the route the other way
Then there is always East Coast Lagoon Food Centre


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You do have to backtrack if you drive your car along.

petite fleur said...

anon - you're right if you drive. we take a cab - a lot more flexibility that way

BeLive said...

I now have a deep urge to rocket myself back to my hometown, to indulge in all the local favourites and not give a hoot to my waistline :)

Anonymous said...

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