Monday, August 29, 2011

Night festival

We love the Night Festival organised by the National Museum. We've been going to them the past 2 years - you can read about them here & here. This year it was no exception & the best thing is that they have extended it to 2 weekends.

One night in the museum

Eva Quartet singing Bulgarian folk songs
The Museum Rotunda provided good acoustics

This was my favorite
Marco Polo by Taiyuan Puppet Theatre
The story of Marco Polo performed in Hokkien & Italian !
(with subtitles of course)

Parking Mad by Benedetto Buffalino
parked Volvo cars in front of SAM flashing red & white lights from within
a crowd favorite

Curiosities by Alain Benini
Jellyfish attack - courtyard of SAM

Since it was raining on Saturday night & most of the events were pushed back, we headed over to the Peranakan Museum for their Night Ride programme.

The Girl got to do her sand art in their glow in the dark room.
Always popular with the children

Performance by Fusion Beats

Our biggest disappointment was not being able to catch the highlight of the Festival - Corazon de Angeles in Paradise. Originally scheduled for 10.30pm (which is already late for the little one) but got pushed back to 11.45pm due to the rain & there was no way she could stay up that late (she fell asleep at 10 in the cab on the way home).

There's more this weekend so grab a program & enjoy the museums at night.

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