Saturday, July 11, 2009

One night at the museum

Did I mention that we are really enjoying our time back in Singapore ? There have been so much to do & to see. As you can tell from the blog, we've been busy. And we've been busy with events like this - the Night Festival.

This is the second year the National Museum is organising the event - 2 nights of performances, theatre, dance, installations & free entry. Something a little more interesting than the usual night out at the bar with the boys.

The Beginning by Sun Yu-li

We headed over to the SMU green after dinner. By then the performances have already started - we managed to catch the Teng Company presenting He. A modern take on chinese chamber music which I really enjoyed (note to self : remember this group & be sure to catch them when they next perform).

It was followed by a chorus dance & then an Indian dance theatre - all very varied. Unfortunately there was already a huge crowd in front of the stage & since we couldn't get a good view of the perfomances, we moved on.

There was a flea market of sorts but we headed over to the National Museum to see the Public Art installation by Asian artists.

The Tree by FARM

What a brilliant idea to incorporate these public art installations as part of the Night Festival.

But all these were a prelude to the main event which was the Loop of Fortune by a German group called PAN OPTIKUM. A performance of acrobatics & fireworks. I wish I could tell you more but unlike the smart ones who got there early to chop a good spot, we opted to have a cocktail in the museum while waiting for them to start. But what we could see was spectacular. Just the fireworks alone was worth making the trip there. Sorry no pictures - I couldn't juggle a camera & carry my 4 year old at the same time (she didn't want to miss out on any of the action).

If you weren't there this year, don't miss it next year.

The Crystal City by Donna Ong


meng said...

you keep track of these events even better than I do!!!

call me next time u hv such good kang tow.

petite fleur said...

definitely. this was last minute else i would have called you.