Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Journey to the West @ Esplanade

photo credit : flickr/tianyake

The Girl & I saw 2 performances last week. The first one being Ballet under the Stars which I'll blog about later but I really wanted to talk about the second one first.

I got excited the moment I read the synopsis, a retelling of the famous Chinese legend, Journey to the West
西遊記 and not only that, performed by the Guangzhou acrobatic troupe. What better way to introduce some Chinese culture to The Girl and I knew it would be something that we would both enjoy. Despite that, I hesitated buying the tickets because they were expensive (going up to $108).

In the end I caved & a good thing too cos the show was worth every cent (I didn't buy the most expensive tickets). The story was told in acts - one of which was their trip to the flaming mountain (hence the picture above cos no photography was allowed). Which was a real pity cos I really wanted to share the gorgeous costumes & the amazing sets - most beautiful was the Spider Cave.

Think of it as a Chinese version of Cirque du Soleil - stylish choreography with puppets, dancing and most importantly, an amazing acrobatic show. Honestly the storyline was secondary to the main attraction but it does add to the entertainment value and it has been a long time since I enjoyed a show that much.

C'est magnifique !

Update : A reader shared this video of their performance in London. Don't take my word for it, see it for yourself.


Anonymous said...

I am with you on the very expensive tickets. In the end, I did not go. I have read about them since their Swan Lake debut a couple of years ago, you can catch snippets of their Swan Lake performance on YouTube where you see 3 male acrobats as frogs doing the hop & jump in the most amazing stunts I have ever seen.

Type keywords " Guangzhou Acrobatic Swan Lake".

mayyee said...

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petite fleur said...

anon - thank you so much for sharing that. i've embedded the video on the blog so that everyone can see for themselves.

mayyee - thank you