Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Yum yum dim sum

When we were kids, we used to have dim sum every weekend. I remember eagerly looking out for our favorite trolley to come by. Pity these trolleys are becoming a rarity at dim sum restaurants. Nowadays they are more efficient. Just tick your choices on a list & they'll bring them to your table.

I did attempt to make my own in France - remember my not so successful attempt at char siew bao, slightly more successful lor bak go and the tedious but oh so satisfying chee cheong fun. But no way are my efforts close to what the dim sum shifus churn out.

Here are my favorites & we wouldn't walk out of a dim sum restaurant without ordering these.

Har Gows / Shrimp dumplings

Char Siew Bao / Roast Pork Bun

What's dim sum without the Chilli Oil

Lor Bak Go / Fried radish cake

Fu Pei Keun / Dried Bean Curd Wraps

Hor Yip Fan / Lotus leaf chicken

In case you're wondering where we usually have dim sum, we always go to the same few places - Crystal Jade, Shang Palace & East Ocean. But we've recently discovered Old Hong Kong @ Novena. The food & service is excellent. If you do go, don't forget to order the longan & red date date (as shown above). We just went there last weekend & a meal for 4A & 1C came up to S$70.


monlim said...

$70 for so many pax is very affordable! I love dim sum too, esp har gow, my kids and I can eat copious amounts of them. The sliver of translucent skin and fresh juicy prawn inside... mmmmmm....

meng said...

where is this place exactly?

Beau Lotus said...

I'm going to the Alliance Francaise for a movie on 14 Juillet, will have to check out a few restaurants in the area. Does Old Hong Kong serve dim sum for dinner?

foodbin said...

Dim sum is also my fave-like the dried beancurd wrap-with chicken?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been reading in since the last few months of your time in France. I love the French language and France, and reading about your cooking and your daughter.. guess that's what keeps me reading :)

Red Star Restaurant on Chin Swee Road still has the dim sum trolleys you were talking about. Food is good - and are famous for their egg tarts and roast meats. They also have a la carte dishes which are not bad too. Most of the wait staff are aunties and uncles, generally nice. Will be busy on weekends. Perhaps you'd like to try :) Have put details below.

Blk 54 Chin Swee Road, #07-23
Tel: 6532 5266 / 6532 5103


petite fleur said...

monica - I was surprised too. Maybe they made a mistake with the bill. I love har gow too...I don't even want to attempt to make it myself.

meng - it's in square 2, behind velocity

lotus - i called & they only serve dimsum till 5 but there are tons of other places to eat around there.

foodbin - welcome. i like the dried beancurd.

cheryl - thank you for leaving a comment. i enjoyed my time in france very much too. i've heard good things about red star so will definitely check it out