Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Char Siew Bao

I've been on a nostalgic phase lately which is why you are seeing a slew of Cantonese food on the blog.

There is something about dim sum restaurants that I love. The anxious longing of the cart of favorite dim sum to come along. The bamboo trays. The dim sum ladies as they call out. Even the noise level (why are dim sum restaurants so noisy?). Of course all the little plates of delicious har kows, siew mais, chicken feet (you have to know that's my favorite), lor bak go, char siew bao.

I haven't included any recipe for char siew bao cos I haven't found a bao dough that I like. Even though I've tried a few recipes, none seem to yield the soft fluffy kind of bao. Do I need HK flour ? Maybe someone can enlighten me. For what it's worth, the baos aren't too bad. I guess I'm just fussy.


A little about me ... said...

any siew mai to follow up by your char siew bao. Making me crave now.

Dutchess said...

Unfortunately, the flour does make the difference. You need HK flour as well as yeast to get the soft fluffy texture. I used to make in bulk and freeze them for later consumption.

eunice said...

Hungry now just looking at your pics. I love char siew bao too. Luckily we can get good ones here.

SIG said...

Yes, I recently came across anothe blog with a bao recipe. You do need HK flour. Been wanting to try but lazy. ;P


Beau Lotus said...

I'm fussy about my bao skin too and the ones I made the last time were good to eat but not at all resto standard. Didn't use HK flour, don't have them and too lazy to knead and roll some more. That's the Dutchess' speciality, she's good with her hands as we know.

But in the meantime, good to have baos to eat. I wouldn't mind some too!

petite fleur said...

a little about me - Ooh you just made me crave for siew mais & har gows now.

dutchess & SIG - Guess what I'm lugging back next time I'm home.

eunice - sigh...I know. Even the frozen ones back home are good.

lotus - if only you lived closer