Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Party

Instead of the usual playdate this week, Gaby decided to host a Halloween party at her place. Even though Toussaint is a big deal in France, Halloween is not really celebrated. Although children do dress up (they must be cos I saw many parents buying Halloween costumes probably for private parties), I'm sure my neighbours would be totally unprepared if I were to go trick or treating with The Girl.

I have never celebrated it myself. Even tho I lived in NY for 4 years, I was single, Halloween is really more for families with children. I've seen how houses in the suburbs going over the top decked out in spookiness.

Nevertheless it was an excuse to have some fun with the children.

Spidy @ chez Gaby

The Girl was particularly fascinated with the spider rings

We had gone a few days earlier to help Gaby & Joshua bake Halloween cookies but she was the one who put on the finishing decorations. A big hit at the party.

The Girl as a Giraffe. Pardon my very unprofessional face painting. Unlike what you're about to see next.

Prele, costume designer extraordinaire, make up artist & mum
She even brought her kit & seen here painting Iliana

Everyone had a go at carving the pumpkin
Then Gaby roasted the seeds which we all enjoyed as snack

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween too

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SIG said...

How fun. Love those cookies and the little giraffe. I love those rings too. :)