Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Stand by Me Around the World

Mark Johnson, an award winning film director & producer, recorded a street performer singing Stand by Me, then went around the world & did the same with the local artists. The video below is a montage of the footage that he took.

This is all part of "Playing for Change - Peace through Music". A foundation that aims to help impoverished people in the areas visited to show how music brings people together. They are currently involved in building an arts centre & music school in various parts of Africa.

Like Matt Harding's video, this appeals to me because it transcends cultures & borders. It hasn't knocked the Best Video on the Internet off the shelf but it is pretty darn awesome.

Check it out.


elementumm said...

Beautiful and touching ... simply lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Beau Lotus said...

Thanks for posting it. For some reason it brought tears to my eyes when I was watching it .