Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mediatheque Aubenas

The spanking new mediatheque aka library & media centre in Aubenas opened in Jan 2007. Since we registered as members, we've been going there every 3 weeks (that's how long one can keep the books for). It's free for children under 16 & for adults, it's a nominal fee of 15 euro / year.

I like that they have a great selection for children - books (fiction & non fiction), magazines, DVDs, CDs & even computer stations. They have more English language childrens' books than English adult books (a handful of Shakespeares, Jane Austens & Harry Potter) which is why the quota on both our library cards goes to renting only children's books.

As you can see, they have a cosy little corner for kids which The Girl absolutely loves. Since I can't borrow any books for me, I usually head over to the movies & CD section. They have a limited but very interesting collection of movies - remember the Bollywood ones which I had gotten. For music, I've probably already borrowed all their Brazilian & Latin music CDs by now.

There is one thing that I've been meaning to look into - comics or
bande dessinée or BD for short is very popular in France. The library seem to have a decent collection of these. Although my French is limited & slang French even more so, I may try to borrow some of these to see if it would help improve my French. I am already reading Elle in French so I suppose I should broaden my French reading horizon a little. Hmm I know exactly the person to ask for recommendations.

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