Friday, June 13, 2008

Bollywood for Children

OMG my daughter loves Bollywood.

Our local library has a limited but interesting selection of world cinema & last week, I decided to borrow a Bollywood movie called Dhoom - a cops & robbers story. Boy was she hooked. Forget Shrek or Bambi, Bollywood is the new Disney.

I don't know why I haven't figured this out before but Bollywood really appeals to the kids. Here's why :

1. Who can resist their musical numbers ? Even in the cops & robbers story that we were watching, during a stakeout, they break out into a song & dance complete with rain & backup dancers. The music is catchy & the dance moves are kitschy. A good song & dance transcends age & language - I heard her humming one of the songs when I walked past her bedroom earlier.

2. There is always a comic figure. No matter how serious the story line, there will always be at least one comic character. Kids love that. They love their silly expressions, gestures and slapstick routines.

3. Playful & naughty. The couple would either chase each other round the tree or splash water or play a prank. Although flirting, it's more playful than sexual. The Girl is extremely tickled by that.

4. No sex & gore. We all know that there is no kissing on Bollywood screens and most Bollywood movies are not very violent (at least the ones that I've seen).

5. Most important of all, they have huge respect for their mothers. Don't they all seem to touch their mother's feet at the end of the movie ?

I'm going back to the library to see what other Bollywood movies they have available.

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