Thursday, June 12, 2008

100th post

Wow has it been 100 posts already ?

Imagine, I only started this blog March 17 so just short of 3 months, I've managed to churn out 100 posts. I didn't think I would have so much to say. What started out on a whim has now really grown on me. I'm really enjoying this blogging thing but what warms the cockles of my heart (I just enjoy saying that, cockles of my heart) is that people are enjoying my blog too.

My most popular post is not any of my delicious recipes but the one about breast milk cheese. It was picked up by and even got discussed at Stomp here. Mention breast & it will catch anyone's attention. As I'm writing this, I just found out I was featured in Tastespotting with my post on mousseron mushrooms.

So thank you everyone for visiting my little blog & hope you enjoy your stay here. Please take this opportunity to delurk & say hi in the comments so I know who you are.

Update : Sadly I just found out that Tastespotting is taken down - their website says it will no longer be operating due to some legal complications. In place of it, somebody has set up Food Gawker - so see you there.


mayyee said...

Hi, I'm from M'sia. Just wonder where are u from? Cos from wat i've read from ur blog, it seems u come from either m'sia or neighbouring countries. Am i right?

You have a nice blog, keep it up.. :) I really envy your lifestyle.. picking mushrooms.. umm.. so nice.. all seems so relaxing to me. :)

I've always been surrounded by high rise.. countryside really seems wonderful to me. :)

petite fleur said...

Hi Mayyee

I'm originally from HK but grew up in Singapore where I consider my home.

Glad you enjoy my blog.

Even tho I've lived all my life in the city, I really like this countryside living too. But you get more countryside in Malaysia than we do in Singapore.

Ozzie said...


I've just caught up with your back posts, congrats on reaching the 100th milestone :) I've been one your lurkers for a while, 'found' you via Maryann's blog, I'm also one of her clients.

Enjoy reading your blog very much, your food pictures always make me drool & like mayyee, am very envious of your life :D Your daughter is really cute too!

petite fleur said...


Thank you for dropping by the blog & for delurking. It's always nice to know who's reading my blog.

So do you have a blog too ? If so, I'd love to read it.