Sunday, June 22, 2008


You can't get more French than escargots. I have had a love affair with these for the longest time. Earlier this year, Rene made a batch from scratch ie using live snails. But it's not something I would attempt - it's too much work. I'd rather order it from a restaurant or buy them frozen from the supermarket - they are really quite good. Just pop them into the oven & they're ready in minutes.

I bought these little forks a long time ago - I doubt they were made specifically for escargots but they are perfect. If you don't have any, just use toothpicks. Even The Girl loves digging her escargots out of their shells. In fact, I think that's probably why she likes them.

Make sure you have some bread handy. Baguette is better but since we didn't have any, sliced bread works just as well. You'd want to soak up all that garlicky, buttery goodness.

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