Monday, June 16, 2008

Wild Strawberries

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Theoretically, wild strawberries grow in the wild, of course. In France, they are referred to as fraise du bois (strawberries of the woods) & it's always fun to stumble upon them when we're out hiking. But I didn't realise it was possible to grow them at home. Which is what Rene did (I know, is there anything this man doesn't grow ?).

I've been waiting for fresh strawberries from him to make ice cream but he suggested I use wild strawberries instead & asked me to go pick them in his backyard. Imagine my surprise when lo & behold, I walked to the back of the house & see a patch of garden completely overgrown with wild strawberry plants. I didn't bring my camera with me but I managed to get a picture of it from the internet.

As you can see, wild strawberries are much smaller than their cousins but they pack a bigger punch ie a lot more aromatic & intense. X was shocked that I wanted to use them to make ice cream "it's sacrilegous" he says. So we've been eating them like this. But there's still plenty more, hmm maybe I might just add a little when making my ice cream.

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