Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wanting Wontons

A must have in my freezer are wontons. Okay, so I know there are lots of stuff in my freezer but none as crucial to me as wontons. I suppose if you know how much I love my noodles, you'd probably understand why there must always be some in the freezer.

Last week, I finished the last of the wontons & it was time to make new ones. Back in May, I posted that I had a make-your-own-wonton-party with my neighbour Laurence but had forgotten to take any pictures. This time round I didn't make the same mistake.

I use store bought wonton skins which I buy in abandon whenever I find any. I once entertained the thought of making my own but it's too much hassle cos they all have to be cut in squares & must be fairly thin which I probably won't be good at doing. Thick wonton skins is just buerk.

If only shrimps were not so expensive, I would be tempted to make all shrimp wontons like they do in HK. For now, I use half meat & half shrimp. The recipe makes about 60 so halve that if you don't want to make so many.

Wonton Filling - Just mix the following together

700g minced pork
700g shrimp (remove heads, shell & tails then diced)
12 water chestnuts, diced
1 egg
light soy sauce
oyster sauce
chinese wine
sesame oil
corn starch
salt & pepper

I'm not going to show you step by step how to wrap one cos I couldn't wrap & take pictures at the same time. But I did find this site which has 8 different styles of wrapping wontons. I think mine is either style 5 or 6.

The 60+ wontons I made should last me for at least 3 months, I hope.

Perfect for the cold weather
A simple bowl of wonton noodle soup


Gene said...

Hey thanks, I've got your lor-bak-go receipe! :)

SIG said...

Wow, beautifully shaped. I also love wantons. :)

Angela said...

you've got me sooo hungry!!! :( and craving for your bowl of wanton noodles.

Laetitia's mummy said...

Do you use frozen prawns to make the wantons and then refreeze them? I have been hesitating making big batches of wantons because of this defrost and refreeze thing.

petite fleur said...

gene - Try it out & post it on your blog

sig - Thanks

angela - Come over & I'll make you a bowl

laetitia's mummy - Yes I use frozen prawns too. So what I do is to boil them first & then freeze.

Evangeline Lee En Xuan said...

Hi, just want to check with you how do you store the wantons? do you just freeze them after you have made them or you boil them first before freezing them?

petite fleur said...

evangeline - normally you would freeze the wantons fresh that is right after you've wrapped them. But because I use frozen shrimps, it's not a good idea to refreeze them again, so what I do is to boil them first then freeze. If you're using fresh ingredients, freeze them without boiling.