Saturday, July 11, 2009

Udders Ice Cream

Do you remember my ice cream making days back in France ? Do you remember much fun I had experimenting with new flavors ? I had obviously forgotten cos I didn't pack my ice cream maker when we moved. Silly me. Anyway, back in those days I love adding alcohol to my ice cream - my favorite then was peach & rose wine. Doesn't that spells summer ?

Given my bias towards alcohol laced ice cream, it's no wonder that I'm in love with this charming little ice cream shop next to United Square called Udders that serves flavors like baileys & bourbon, rum rum raisin (double shot rum) & lychee martini (Adelyne I'm thinking of you)
A huge blackboard fills up an entire wall. A wide range of flavors are listed & customers are encouraged to vote for their favorite flavors to be considered for R&D. As you can see, there is a whole section devoted to liqueur flavors - now you know why I love this place. Reading the board has stirred up my ice cream making mojo - I need to get X to bring over my ice cream maker.

I love everything about this place. They even have cute names for their flavors like gila melaka, green tea-rrific & tira-miss-u

You can be sure they'll be seeing a lot of us.

155 Thomson Road
(next to United Square)

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