Monday, July 13, 2009

I heart the heartlands

Ever since I discovered that the Toa Payoh Library is a lot closer to us than the National Library, we've been going there. I'm so glad we made the switch. Not only is the library less crowded & hence, less chaotic, I also get to explore the heartlands. A routine that I look forward to every 3 weeks.

It has now become my go to place for toileteries & household items. Not only are the things cheaper than what you find in town, the folks are friendly & I never have to worry about keeping The Girl entertain while I browse.
Last week alone I bought 3 pairs of shoes (I know I surprised myself), shampoo, toothbrush for The Girl, hand towels, bath mat & even got my eye brows shaped for $10 on top of borrowing our usual 12 books from the library.

Now that's what I call a fruitful day.

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