Monday, July 6, 2009

Yeah to free concerts

Since we had so much fun at the Singapore River Festival, I thought it was time to see what else was available. I remember reading somewhere that the Esplanade has an outdoor theatre that is often used as a venue for concerts.

Currently the programme is Beats & Breaks II featuring local hip hop bands - wouldn't be my first choice but hey you can't say I don't expose my daughter to a variety of music genres. Besides, I'm all for supporting local bands.

Last Friday, after I picked The Girl up from school, we headed over there for dinner first. I didn't know there were so many dining options at the Esplanade. Unfortunately the one we went to was not very good so I will not even mention it here. Don't you hate having a bad meal - life is too short to be wasted on bad meals.

After dinner, we made our way to the outdoor theatre which already had quite a crowd gathered by then. These local hip hop bands have quite a following. Of course, I have no idea who they are. However what they may lack in finesse is totally make up for in energy. It didn't take long for the crowd to be singing, rapping, dancing & moving along with them. Even I found myself tapping to the beat. The little one had a ball.

Meanwhile, as they were performing, the NDP rehearsals were also going on full force at Marina Bay which meant we got excellent view of the boats (see top picture of the "paper boat") as they paraded past.

As we were heading back, we chanced upon another concert at the concourse. Jazz with Rachma & friends. It couldn't have been more different than the outdoor concert we had just been. The setting was cozy & felt more like sitting in someone's living room & enjoying an impromptu jamming session.

The concert before was clearly The Girl's favorite but this one was for me.

After an evening of hip hop & jazz, I left knowing that we are going to have a great time in Singapore.

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