Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More of Udders

After I wrote my previous post on Udders, I realised the photos taken from my phone really didn't do justice to the place. So on my recent trip there, I made sure I brought my camera & gave it another go.

I had a long hard look at what was on the board & voted for mojito, strawberry champagne, bourbon coke & jack daniel's lime - about time someone came up with these ice cream flavors.

It's all about cow love

My nephew had the chocolate marsh
chocolate with bits of marshmallows - yummy

sigh The Girl only orders strawberry

My brother's Mao Shan Wang Durian
Creamy, pungent & full of durian goodness -
definitely for the durian lovers (& I'm not even one)

The kids doing a bit of art after dessert

I'm lucky this place is within walking distance - not sure my waistline is going to be very thankful.


Ivana said...

Oh my! This looks wonderful! Will be headed there when we come back. Thanks for the rec!

petite fleur said...

When you're back, we can head over there together !