Sunday, July 19, 2009

Le Quatorze Juillet or 14th July @ Picotin

In celebration of French independence day otherwise known as Bastille Day and also because we were missing French food, we went to Picotin. I've never been but have heard good reviews from friends.

There are many French restaurants in town & I'm sure I'll be checking them out one by one but I chose this because it's a casual brasserie style place that seemed very child friendly.
They even have a little sand pit for playing petanque & when I was there, since no one was playing, it became a sandbox for the kids.

When you call to make a reservation, they will ask if you want to sit outside or inside. I'd recommend sitting outside but ask to be seated near a fan (sorry that's just me). The outside dining area is really quite pleasant.

The menu also has pasta & pizza but I was only there for their French food so I just skipped that completely. There were the usual suspects like pot au feu, cote d'agneau, fillet de rouget. Don't forget to check out the board for other specials.

That's the open fire pizza oven - not quite like the wood burning one that Jean Michel has. If you sit inside, you will have a good view of the pizza making action.

So how was the food ?

The Girl had her favorite escargots (she liked them so much, I had to order another portion). I did find them to be bland tho (perhaps the chef forgot to add salt ?)

This was my friend Meng's mushroom soup - creamy, flavorful & very delicious. Which reminded me how much I miss my mushroom hunting days. Sigh.

Duck confit - skin a little crispy, the way I like it & not too dry

Boef bourguignon - braised beef cheeks. Very tender, very tasty. I almost snatched this dish away Meng.

This was the star of the evening. Chocolate fondant with mint ice cream. A perfect way to finish the meal.

My verdict : Good old French comfort food, just what I was looking for.

100 Turf Club Road

6877 1191


monlim said...

Good heavens, I have to remember never to read your blog at night... drool.... and your dd looks gorgeous, as always :)

breve1970 said...


Do try their weekend breakfasts too! Good value for money and certainly mouthwatering.

Heard there's a new restaurant called "Hatched" which serves all day breakfast, coming up in the Bukit Timah area. We can't wait to check it out!


petite fleur said...

monica - :) thank you

ann - I know their brunch menu looks good too. What kind of food does Hatched serve ? I've got to add that to my list of places to go. A list that keeps growing.

breve1970 said...


Heard its a breakfast all day place.. sounds heavenly to me. Eggs done in numerous ways... benedict style, poached with salmon, etc. Started by a SAF scholar who has just left the force.

Don't know where it is situated though will find out again in September when they start and let you know.

BTW, your daughter is GORGEOUS!