Friday, September 4, 2009

we love crabs

I know I know. It has been 2 weeks since I last updated but we were in Bali. It's hard to think about blogging when you are in the Island of the Gods. Until I sort out the pictures & can gather my thoughts together, here are some posts from before the trip.

Do you think I've mentioned often enough how much we love crabs ?

At this point, I should tell you a little story. About 5 years ago, a french man & a pregnant woman decided to prepare a crab meal for the woman's brother's birthday dinner. They proceeded to Tekka market to buy the crabs (live of course), kept them in the sink until it was time to prepare them. In the meantime, the woman started to go into labour & had to be rushed off to the hospital.

The next day, after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, the couple remembered the abandoned crabs. The man promptly went back to find them crawling all over the apartment, caught them & prepared a wonderful meal of black pepper crabs which he then brought to the hospital to be shared with woman who had just given birth (yup I broke the confinement rule book big time as well as caused several raised eyebrows at the hospital) & her brother (it was afterall his birthday). Need I mention again, how crab crazy we are. Case closed.

Once again he sourced the crabs from Tekka market. Although they look huge & meaty, you have to be careful to buy the live ones.

I used to always get the stall owner to kill them for me & then I just clean them with a toothbrush when I get home. Now I have X.

I know he is a French chef but boy, does he make a mean mee goreng.

We can't seem to get enough of black pepper crabs, chilli crabs & mee goreng



Lilian said...

What a great, er, birth story! Just too funny. Wonder if the crabs were having a jolly good time sitting on the sofa watching crable tv.

I love crabs too...and the mee goreng looks mighty delicious. Can't wait for your pictures and stories of Bali.

Btw, thinking of The Girl just makes me smile :) She's really funny!

Beau Lotus said...

Yummy, I super LOVE crabs too!!!!!

I could love your chef too LOL

Tsu Lin + + said...

A french chef cooking mee goreng - this I must try!

And what a great crab birth story! ;) Lilian is sooo corny, she and her "crable tv" :P (It's a good pun though!)

jimsee said...

May I invite myself and Marc over one day for yummy crabs? =)

petite fleur said...

sorry for the late reply but i've been neglecting my blog a little

lilian - hehe crable tv. you crack me up. she's still in love with bryan

lotus - next time you're in town, you come over for crabs, okay ?

tsu lin - lilian's a riot

jims - anytime