Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A crabby affair

This is clearly X's favorite.

He was home for less than 24 hours & I was already headed towards our favorite crab restaurant. The famous Eng Seng @ Joo Chiat.

Their black pepper crabs is absolutely the best & we've been making our pilgrimage there for the longest time. They are also notorious for their long queues so you have to get there early to snag a table (try 5pm) or horrors, before they run out of crabs.

My modus operandi - order by phone, grab a cab there, ask the cab to wait, run in, pay & pick up order, run out, jump back into cab, head home, unpack crabs & dig in. Try it - this formula works very well.

We may ta pao food but the table must always be set

The photo definitely didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. The problem being I had to compete with a bunch of crab lovers so you snooze, you lose. I was in a hurry to get started. Their black pepper crabs, in my humble opinion beats everything that I've tried so far. It's not dry but has a yummy sauce that is just sweet enough & peppery enough.
We usually order their chilli crabs too but my complaint is that the sauce lacks a certain kick. I know it's national dish of Singapore, it is not my favorite way of eating crabs.
A definite must order : mee goreng. Yumms. Actually come to think of it, these 3 are the only dishes we ever order. Her first time eating crabs & she is loving it. With a little help from maman, she ate about 3-4 pieces of crab claws. The best way is of course to eat them straight off the wok but we're too lazy to stand in line nor want to eat at 5 so we're happy to do it this way.

Besides how else are you going to enjoy it in air conditioned comfort with your favorite bottles of white wine !

Eng Seng Seafood
247/249 Joo Chiat Place


Anonymous said...

Totally agree that they have one of the best pepper crabs!! My colleagues and I used to go there for crabs when colleagues from overseas offices came. And our trick was to get the colleague with a car to go early and 'chope' table and crabs LOL. Their chilli crabs arent as good, and honestly, their zichar neither! Just go there for their pepper crabs!

Mummy to two cuties said...

I love their pepper crabs. The other thing I order when we eat there is the prawn roll and sotong fritters. Oh yes, did you try the durians from the store just across them? The fruits are quite good.

As for chilli crabs, I'm still a jumbo fan.

Can't wait for my next trip back.

petite fleur said...

cheryl - yeah another fan

mummy to 2 cuties - i heard about their prawn rolls too. maybe i'll skip the chilli crabs the next time & order the prawn rolls instead.