Thursday, August 20, 2009

Botanic Gardens

Swing me mama
by Dominic Benhura

another mother & child sculpture

Ever since that first time, we've been going to the Botanic Gardens on a regular basis. We don't do much when we are there - in fact we have a routine by now. Before our trip, I have to make sure we get our supplies.

A loaf of bread & vegetables

for feeding the fishes

and the swans

Whatever food we bring never seem to be enough. Have you seen the size of the catfish that are there ?

Another must have is the bubble kit. It's a no-brainer for kids. Don't know about yours but mine can be at it for hours - either blowing or running after the bubbles.

If you look closely enough, you'll see a parrot sticker on her face. It's her way of re-creating the face painting session she had over National Day.

Of course she would be bare footed

That's my mum enjoying a bit of outdoors too

Of course we would pack food for a picnic - that is afterall one of the reasons for hanging out at the Botanic Gardens. A lazy Saturday or Sunday afternoon, watching your daughter chase after bubbles, eating sushi as we sip a glass of wine - now you know why we do it so often.

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Aurie said...

awwweee your daughter is adorable, she reminds me a little of Suri Cruise.