Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Our National Day celebrations

So what else did we do besides say the pledge at 8.22pm on National Day ?

I dressed The Girl up in red & white (no I don't have anything in red) and made our way to the Singapore Art Museum for the festivities. On that day, both SAM & the National Museum had an open house - they seem to do that quite often so it's worth staying in the know & taking advantage when they do.

They were doing face painting of Singapore icons like the merlion, singapore flag (which was the most common). Despite my attempts at explaining this, being the girly girl that she is, my daughter insisted on a butterfly so she ended up with.....

...vanda miss joaquim & a butterfly

Then we made sure we got our free candy floss
(can't remember when was the last time I had one)

and popcorn
The musuem also gave out goody bags of water, crackers, note pads & coloring pencils

We might have missed the NDP parade & the fireworks this year but we celebrated in our own little way. Can somebody advise on the best way to get tickets for next year's show ? Is it true that there were 7 dress rehearsals before the actual day ? Actually don't answer that, I shouldn't be surprised that Singapore would want to make sure the biggest party of the year is absolutely perfect.

And why shouldn't she ? She is afterall, 44, not a bad age to be.


shail2chouhan said...

Nice blog and a wonderful snaps.

Anonymous said...


Love reading your blog.. didn't know there're so many things to do in Singapore.

Regarding the NDP tickets.. you might want to check out the link below some time in May next year.

petite fleur said...

shail2chouhan - Thank you for dropping by.

anon - Appreciate the link. I'm definitely going to check that out next year. Going to the parade sounds like so much fun.