Monday, August 24, 2009

A majestic meal

I haven't been this excited about a restaurant in a long time. I loved it so much I went there twice in a week, couldn't wait to blog about it & already planning my next trip there.

New Majestic hotel probably needs no introduction. The last few times I was back in Singapore, friends have been raving about the restaurant but I never had a chance to check it out. You know how it is, trips were always too short & never enough time to try everything.

It wasn't until a week ago when my best friend organised a get together with an old friend & suggested the New Majestic that I finally get to go there. After that, I was so sure X would like it that I brought him there 3 days after he arrived (& I was right ! ).

You see the potholes in the ceiling. Well that's because the restaurant is directly underneath the swimming pool. If you're lucky, you could catch of a glimpse of someone swimming above or vice verse, swimmers can look at the diners below.

The dining room is not very big - just the way I like it. We ordered the $50 set lunch & here's what we had.

Salad with fruits & roast pork
We both loved it - the dressing was great & the roast pork was a nice mix with the fruits & salad

Shark's fin
Not politically correct but I love shark's fin. Has always & will always be my favorite. But I love it consomme, I'm not a fan of this thick broth even though it was very tasty

Sea perch which I 'd mistakenly thought was cod
Fish really doesn't need to be fussy
Simple is best & they've shown how it should be done

Noodles with baby abalone & slivers of beef
One of my favorites. Love the sauce

Mango pudding with black glutinous rice
Mango pudding was creamy & flavorful but we were missing the rice

Sorbet with cut fruits

The pictures were taken the second time I was there. I prefer my first meal - the $40 set lunch especially given that the additional $10 was for the shark's fin that I wasn't enamoured with. Nevertheless, we both loved the food & we will be going back there again. They have a special set menu in conjunction with the Miele guide - sounds very interesting.

New Majestic Hotel
31-37 Bukit Pasoh Rd
6511 4718


foodbin said...

looks refined and cheap too.

Lilian said...

Wow, the food looks 'dainty' :) and delicious. Must find out where Bukit Pasoh is, never heard of it.