Sunday, August 16, 2009

A night at the theatre

It has been more than 5 years since I last went to a theatre so I was super excited to watch Street Walkers by the Action Theatre.

I wanted to like the play. First of all, the chance to watch Lim Siauw Chong perform after a 10 year absence. Then it sounded like a cool location - a pre war 2 storey bungalow converted into a theatre. But most of all, the storyline about 3 gay men finding themselves intrigued me & I was keen to see how it would be staged in Singapore.

Let's talk about what I liked. The intimate setting reminds me of the off off broadway shows I used to enjoy in New York. I love the venue. To me, this is what theatre is all about - the close proximity of the actors allows you to feel the energy. I liked the projection on the screen of real life scenes. It brought a refreshing dimension to the bare stage but my friend, a theatre practitioner felt it was unnecessary & distracting.

So what didn't work for me ? The play itself - the dialogue didn't have much to offer although I was interested enough to want to see where it was leading. Unfortunately nowhere. None of the actors kept me mesmerised (okay so Adrian Pang is a hard act to beat) & Siauw Chong's affected interpretation of an older gay man was painful to watch.

I believe the local theatre scene is much more exciting than this. I just need to keep looking.

Action Theatre
42 Waterloo Street

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