Saturday, May 23, 2009

The talented Mr Pang

One of my fondest memories of New York is Shakespeare in Central Park. Every summer, it's the one event that I eagerly look forward to. There are many reasons for it's huge success. Firstly, it's free. Secondly, many big name actors have performed there - I've watched Meryl Streep, Nathalie Portman & Kevin Kline.

So when my friend Meng (hi, I know he reads my blog) suggested that we go watch Adrian Pang perform Much Ado about Nothing at Fort Canning Park, I immediately said yes. Even though I don't really know who Adrian Pang is, apart from the fact that he's hugely popular in Singapore & from an old movie I watched a long time ago, Forever Fever that I really enjoyed.

But it was the idea of having a picnic with wine & cheese that appealed to me. It has been so long since I last did that. Of course, I offered to bring the food - cheese, olives, cured ham, salami, baguette & since we're in Singapore, KFC.

You all know I'm an outdoors kind of girl but it's really hard to be enthusiastic when the weather is hot & humid. Even though I was perspiring profusely, it didn't seem to matter cos I was watching the very talented Mr Adrian Pang.

Every time he was on stage, all eyes were on him. Every line he delivered drew a response from the crowd. He may be speaking in a vocabulary that is no longer common yet he makes it sound so natural. Granted it's a romantic comedy & the role of Benedick fits him like a T, not every actor can deliver Shakespeare well & he has done a very admirable job.

A reviewer from the Straits Times had some issues with the fact that it was a Peranakan setting. I wasn't bothered by that nor did it make the show any less enjoyable.

My 4 & a half year old was captivated, so would you. Go early to snag a good spot. Bring a fan & insect repellent. You don't even have to bring food if you don't want to. You can buy food from the Indochine tent & dessert from the Ben & Jerry's stand. Don't forget the wine.


eunice said...

Looks great. I always thought Adrian Pang did comedy.We used to go to Botanic Gardens for SSO concerts which were so fun if you discount the weather and ants. Love your new header pic.

petite fleur said...

Much ado about nothing is comedy & he was great in it. I just saw a banner at the Botanic Gardens for Opera at the Park - still thinking if I want to go.

Jim See said...

I went last night. It was fantastic! Opera by the Park? Maybe we should go together.

petite fleur said...

It's the weekend after next. I think June 13. Let me find out more & I'll message you.