Saturday, May 30, 2009

Missing home

As much as I'm indulging in all my favorite local food, I know this was bound to happen, a craving for French food. The other day I lamented on Facebook that I can't get over how expensive wine & cheese are over here.

A bottle of Vin de Pays here cost $25 whereas in France, I buy them for under 4 euros. Not that I could now that I'm working, I no longer have my one glass of wine every meal. In any case, it's a bad idea to drink during lunch on a work day. I tried that 2 weeks ago - I could barely stay awake after that.

Sorry I digressed. Even The Girl who has so readily accepted the local food, asked if I could cook "something French" for her. And so I did. The first thing I did was cauliflower gratin & then a few days later when I came across French sausages (fresh not the dried ones like lap cheong) in the supermarket, I grabbed them.

Here's our home sick meal of fried French sausages served with mashed potatoes & eggplant gratin.

That's the eggplant gratin in the background

We have a satisfied customer


Jim See said...

She looked extremely happy and satisfied!

petite fleur said...

Yes she does indeed. Poor girl - she was missing her French food.

Jim See said...

Maybe we should go to Le Bistrot next time ... Check it our on

petite fleur said...

That does look good. Okay it's a date. Just let me know when.