Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rojak rendezvous gone to Singapore

My old header photo with Ardeche in snow badly needed an update.

So I present to you rojak rendezvous version 2.0 (as Tsu Lin pointed out), reflecting our new life in Singapore.

Since coming back, I'm always in a hurry - rushing out the door for work, for school, rushing home for dinner & bedtime. My 5 years living in the countryside didn't seem to have taught me anything. One time, the Girl had to stop me, literally, to smell the flowers. It was then I realised that even though we're living in the city, I should slow down, relax & enjoy our free time together.

I fully intend to make the most of our time here. It's interesting cos I'm seeing this city where I grew up, from a different perspective. I find myself on the look out for child friendly places to go or things to do. When I'm online on Sistic, I search for family entertainment. As I walk around, I pay attention to things that might interest The Girl & make a mental note to revisit with her.

Take for example today, during lunch time, I decided to walk over to Victoria Theatre to pick up some tickets (when I snapped the header picture with my camera phone which didn't turn out too bad, if I may say so myself). On the way, I noticed the Botero & other scultpures by the river and reminded myself to bring her there.

I look forward to re-exploring this place that I grew up in so if you're still reading my blog, hope you will enjoy this new journey. To my friends in France, this is what you can expect when you come visit us.


SIG said...

Did you take her to Jacob Ballas' Children's garden and the new kids area at the zoo yet?

monlim said...

I love your new header! Your photos are breath-taking, as always :)

Tsu Lin + + said...

Oh, i love your new header Petit Fleur!

And yes yes, sometimes we learn alot from our kid - stop & smell the flowers! *breathes*

petite fleur said...

SIG - I just googled Jacob Ballas' Garden & it looks interesting. Thanks for the suggestion. Will check it out soon.

monica - Not bad for a photo taken with my phone

tsulin - thank you. I have to keep reminding myself that.

Ivana said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog for a couple of months. So you're back in S'pore now. To be honest, I was not looking forward to moving to Singapore at the end of the year, I'd miss Paris too much...

But I guess there are lots of things to do too. Here's to a different way of life! = )

bACk in GERMANY said...

Hi Mei!

Wow... the shot was excellent...
And yes, do stop and stare and smell the flowers if the Girl insists.

There are lots to do over the June hols. e.g. Museum Week for the Kids - lots of hands-on activities.

The best bet is still some indoor playground fun these days to beat the sizzling heat. So far, I've rated Fidgets best. But avoid weekends. Heard it's quite a crowd. But where else isn't crowded in Sg?

petite fleur said...

Ivana - It's not like Paris but the arts scene is not bad. Definitely there will be lots to keep the little one occupied.

C - Somebody just told me about Fidgets. Got to check it one day.