Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stepping back in time

If you're living in Singapore, you'd know how hot it has been lately. I've been looking at non-mall-air-conditioned options for our activities. The very first place that came to mind was the National Museum.

It has always been my favorite. I've been dying to see it after the renovations. Good reviews of the Christian Lacroix exhibition. A really hot Saturday afternoon & we were there.


The exhibition showcases his work done for the stage - theatre & opera. Which means his pieces were dramatic, to say the least. The whole setting was theatrical & luxurious - think red velvet & chandeliers.

A dressing table was converted into an activity corner with paper dolls, coloring pencils & drawers of fabrics. When you have kids, you learn to appreciate stations like this to keep little hands busy.
I was now ready to see the permanent exhibition. This installation of swinging chandeliers had us mesmerised. I don't remember the name of the artist but it's visually stunning & we both enjoyed it very much.

Love what they did to the space.

There was, of course, an extensive display relating the history of Singapore but I was most fascinated with the nostalgic bits. Call me sentimental.

Do you remember when your parents owned one of these ?

There were also several galleries devoted to performing arts,
photography, fashion.......

and my favorite, food

Does anybody out there still remember these ?

or these ?

I need to get me one of these
hopefully to kick in my baking mojo


edith said...

Your trip reminded me of fond memories in my childhood days that I spent with my late uncle. Just love the hokkien mee with banana leave wrap.

eunice said...

It shows my age when I actually remember some of those items esp the banana wrap thingy for hokkien mee. I've not been to the National Museum. Your post has inspired me to go there the next time I'm back.

petite fleur said...

That's called opeh leaf, I think. Know any place that still uses them ?

I highly recommend it, also the Peranakan Museum - see my next post

Anonymous said...

thanks for the nostalgic my dear, will pop by the museum when we are there.


SIG said...

You can still get the hokkien mee in the wrap. Thanks for the tour of the museum. ;)

SIG said...

Oh yes, you can find them at Old Airport Road, but I can't pinpoint you to exact stall, although I think they use it a Lao Fu Zi char kuay teow.

Beau Lotus said...

Boy I love anything old (maybe not the men though), never thought I'd ever say that! I so want those food carriers and can still remember eating from those stands...

If I remember correctly, the hokkien mee at Chomp Chomp did theirs in that wrap when I last visited 2 years ago. But things probably have changed since.

I visit museums etc too each time I return home. It's nice being a tourist in your own country, you appreciate things people tend to take for granted just because they live there all the time.

SIG said...

People like me, Lotus. :P