Monday, May 18, 2009

Drinks with a view

Going for drinks after work is a luxury I can no longer afford now that I have The Girl.

Everyday after work, I need to pick her up from school so that doesn't really leave me with any room for happy hour (not unless I bring her with me which I have done on several occasions). But a girl got to have her girl's night out.

So last Friday after leaving The Girl with the babysitter, I went for my first happy hour. The glass of wine had never tasted so good. We had a wonderful view of the construction of the integrated resort - I'd even go so far as to say it looked pretty with all the lights at night (we were far enough not to be bothered by the noise & dust).

Overeasy is at One Fullerton just below the hugely popular Butter Factory, notorious for their long queues. The bar snack menu is extensive & you could easily fill yourself up without venturing to the dinner menu which I didn't even bother to look at - we devoured the sliders (I guess named after the white castle mini burgers) & fish sticks.

From the looks of things & given the proximity to my office, I'll be heading back again.....when I can next book the babysitter. As much as I look forward to seeing my daughter at the end of the day, I need my me-time & cocktails too.

#01-06 One Fullerton Road
6423 0701

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