Monday, August 10, 2009

Museum for the young & the young at heart

Do you still keep your toys from when you were 6 ? Well, one man did & at age 57 decided to showcase his collection. MINT (moment of imagination & nostalgia with toys) museum claims to be the world's first museum dedicated to toys.

I was not prepared for the extensive display of toys. I mean, how many toys can one person amass ? Apparently quite a lot, enough to fill a 5 storey building. You start from the top & make your way down. The toys are organised by themes with most still in their original packaging.

The museum is aptly named cos it does bring back moments of nostalgia. See we had Transformers during our time, too.

There was even our favorite, Tintin & Snowy

The Girl was a little disappointed that she couldn't touch or play with any of the toys which I suppose is one of my gripes of the place - it's really designed to be a showcase of toys. Granted some of the ones on display are rare, one of a kind that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. They should consider having a play area for kids to interact with some toys or at least reproduction of the toys. Toys are afterall meant to be played with, right ?

This is obviously a collection of a boy (man) cos there was clearly not enough dolls (there were some) on display. Having said that, toys do transcend age, gender & language. Regardless of where you're from, how old you are, it is still a treat to see the toys.

A small display of toys from our past - kuti kuti, 5 stones, snakes & ladders, marbles...You can purchase some of these at the store, which has a selection of retro toys that would make great gifts. I bought a wound up energizer bunny for The Girl & a robot for my nephew.

A collection of Beatles paraphernalia

My other gripe is the entrance fee - $15 for adults & $7.50 for children. Not exactly recession friendly. They did give a $5 voucher to be redeemed at the cafe. They served a decent portion of escargots that The Girl had while I relaxed with a glass of white wine.

Even if you don't eat there, don't forget to check out the mural on the wall

Mint Museum
26 Seah Street


Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for the wonderful blog! I got back 2 years ago after a hiatus in the states and was griping about the lack of things to do here in SG. After reading your blog, I am now inspired to do a bit of re-exploring myself :) Seems like there are plenty of things to do if one looks around! Just thought I should drop a note to thank you! ;) - Angie

petite fleur said...

anon - I do get that a lot. People telling me they have no idea there is so much to do in Singapore. I should do a post on how I keep up with what's happening.

Fuming Chimney said...

Hi petitefleur, I am working on a website and chanced upon your post on mint museum. Would like to quote some portions of your post. Would appreciate it if you can get back to me at Thanks.