Saturday, September 4, 2010

Emily of Emerald Hill

I wrote this a few months back but forgot to post - just found it in my draft box. Oops.

For the first time, I watched Emily of Emerald Hill & I was in love.

A play written by Stella Kon & 25 years after her first performance, Margaret Chan took the stage again playing the role of Emily Gan. I can't even begin to describe what I love about it. It's a monologue of a Nonya matriarch - her thoughts, her feelings, the life of a nonya lady in 1950s. A timeless story - issues that resonate even in 2010.

More importantly, watching Margaret Chan is a delight. I'm so lucky to have caught this performance esp since it was done on the last night before the Vic would be closed for renovations. Throughout the play & in between laughter, you will be wondering if you like Emily, hate her or just feel sorry for her. Just imagine bearing the weight of the play on your shoulders for the entire 2 hours (or however long it is). But never once did she miss a beat. You are with her all the way.

Even though I'm not from a Peranakan family & couldn't understand some of the Malay phrases, I thoroughly enjoyed the play & just loved Margaret Chan's performance. Apparently the play is studied in schools & we should be proud of it - something truly Singaporean.

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jimsee said...

Yes, did that in school. Love it too. Saw Margaret's fabulous performance many years ago ... Wow, memories ...