Monday, September 6, 2010

Seafood Paradise @ Singapore Flyer

The story of Seafood Paradise & the chain of Paradise restaurants in Singapore started as a zhi char star in Defu Lane (where is that ?). Doesn't matter that the location is out of the way, Singaporeans will know how to sniff out good food.

I still don't know where Defu Lane is which meant we had gone to the Seafood Paradise @ Singapore Flyer. These are just some of my favorite classic Chinese dishes.

The cold platter
so chinese wedding

The Girl inherited my love for this

My favorite way to prepare fish - Steamed
The best part - the fish cheek
My family will fight for that

Steamed prawns
Deshelled & then eaten with cut chillies & dark soy sauce

Abalone & Sea Cucumber

Chilli Crab
(not exactly their best dish)

This is apparently their signature dish
Seafood Paradise Fried Rice
maybe I'm just not a big fan of fried rice
I don't see the fuss


Anonymous said...

it's located inbetween hougang ave 3 and the old Tampines Road. Just near my parents place.


ps heard u r in france

Anonymous said...

Defu lane is in between ubi and lorong ah soo, before hougang. the restaurant is in the industrial area, abit ulu but still attracts the crowd.