Wednesday, September 8, 2010

By the River

One of my favorite places to eat @ Robertson Quay is Aburiya. It's in my opinion, one of the best places in town for Japanese/Korean BBQ. Any BBQ lover will tell you that it's all about the meats & they do theirs the old fashioned way with charcoal. Hmm I love table BBQ.

You can order your meats marinated in several ways - pepper, tare (sweet sauce) or miso. The wagyu rib eye is reason enough to go there.

Korean rice wine

Wagyu rib eye
Meat that melts in your mouth

Pork Belly with black pepper

I didn't take a picture but The Girl loves beef tongue & so do I

On top of the meats, we would also order a platter of vegetables - corn, green pepper, mushrooms & onions. Kim Chee soup. Bibimbap.

Foie Gras

What it's burnt ?!....well that's the best part
Yummy burnt rice

We enjoy taking a stroll after dinner

or make another stop at Wine Connection

for wine & cheese

There is a very good selection of cheeses

& gourmet food items

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