Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My favorite things in France

I know I haven't updated my blog in a while. We were back in France last month & for me, it was a vacation & yet not a vacation. We were doing domestic stuff like cleaning the house, cooking, doing all my favorite things, lunches with the family but it felt comforting & made me really missed France.

So what are my favorite things ? If you've been reading my blog from when I was in France, you should be familiar with these....

Fresh fruits & vegetables from Papy's garden
Tomatoes just never taste the same as those you find in Singapore
Potato Crique (shredded potato pancakes)

Ahh my personal favorite
Picking mushrooms
Unfortunately it was too dry for cepes
but we did find some coulemelle in the garden
& cooked them the way the French like their wild mushrooms,
in an omelette

We were lucky to still get some raspberries
almost the end of the season

Guess what we lugged back to Singapore by the dozens

X's parents had just come back from PĂ©rigord,
land of foie gras & truffles
Duck leg stuffed with foie gras

The Girl who stopped eating cheese in Singapore
couldn't get enough of it when we were in France

We went to Barcelona for 5 days & left her with her grandparents. Not a single protest was heard. She was happy to feed the rabbits (they run free in the garden), pick eggs from the coup, play with the dogs & basically got spoilt rotten.

I miss France.


monlim said...

I'm reading Julia Child's My Life in France and I'm so hankering French food! There's just something about the French respect and passion for food that's such a refreshing change from our unthinking, gobble-it-down attitude.

Oh and your photos are fab, as always!

Edina said...

moi aussi :(

Yasuko♪ said...

Beautiful....these are the very images of French countryside for me...
I am jealous!!!

Anonymous said...

come back then, hehehehhhhaaahaha


petite fleur said...

Monica - You've nailed it. It is their respect for food which makes it such a joy to have a meal with the French.

Edina - oui

Yasuko - Join us when we visit next summer.

H - We will, not just yet.